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Sindhu brand Dab Press machines are made with heavy steel body that ensures long life and optimal performance. Our range of Dab Press machines include two manual models i.e. two pillars and four pillars based Dab Press machines. These sturdy machines are easy to use and quickly press the corrugated sheets after pasting or lamination.


These machines available at Sindhu Machinery House are –


1). Sindhu Dab Press Two Pillars (Steel Body) - This dab press machine is equipped with long sturdy screws that assist the free movement of upper platform. This two pillar based dab press machine is available in three sizes i.e. 10” X 15”, 12” X 15” and 15” X 20”.


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2). Sindhu Dab Press Four Pillars (Steel Body) - This machine is made with a beautiful and robust four pillar based architecture which helps presses corrugated sheets brought after pasting or lamination. Its strong springs assure the even pressure on the sheets. Dab press four pillar is made with heavy steel body and available at SMH in three sizes 15” X 20”, 18” X 24” and 20” X 30”.


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